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2022 Black History Month Honoree - Tavarie Taylor

Tavarie Taylor

Johnathan Tavarie Taylor is a 1995 Graduate of Pendleton High School and a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University where he earned a BA degree in Psychology and was a member of the SWU Men's Basketball team.

Tavarie loves people and is especially concerned and involved with the well-being of the youth, and he devotes much of his spare time to helping others. In the past, he has worked as a counselor for Upward Bound and as a counselor for MAPPS, a program for Middle and HS youth. He has also volunteered as a basketball coach for Central-Clemson Rec teams and for Carolina Thunder travel teams.

Currently, Tavarie attends Greater Faith Baptist Church, where he serves on the Deacon Board and oversees the church’s Lawn Care Outreach Ministry for elderly citizens. He is also a member of the Pendleton Rhinos where he serves as the Director of Community Service and Mentors.

Tavarie’s family says he is always willing to help where he can and goes out of his way to do so. Recently, on a local social media group page, someone asked for a reference for someone who prints shirts in the area, and Tavarie’s business was recommended. A third person commented just to relate a story about Tavarie from years ago. This lady was with her children at the Neighborhood WalMart, and her 2 year old was having a complete meltdown. She was having a difficult time getting the groceries to her car while her son was crying and upset. Then, as she was putting groceries in her car, Tavarie noticed her struggle, and walked over to talk to the upset child. This simple action calmed the child and gave the mom much relief. She said that gesture made a big difference for her on that day, as evidenced by her recall of it years later.

Today, Tavarie is the owner and operator of two local businesses: Love Matters Tees and Mr. Right Lawn Care.

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