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Job Opportunity - Part Time Project Coordinator - Oral History Project

POSTING DATE: July 17, 2023

DEADLINE: August 15, 2023


Collection of Black Voices of Upstate South Carolina is an oral history project to collect stories rooted in people, place and traditions. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services MH-253355-OMS-23. The Project Coordinator (PC) reports directly to the Executive Director and will be the point of contact for interns and community engagement.

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the schedule, budget and details of a given task are well organized. The Project Coordinator will be involved in all project phases and will manage a broad range of tasks as it relates to the oral history project. The Project Coordinator is responsible for communicating

with various stakeholders and partners to keep them abreast of project’s progress and needs. In addition, the Project Coordinator will organize reports, plan meetings and provide updates to the Project Director.

Click here for full job description and to apply.

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